Blockchain APIs can help developers quickly knock up applications by utilising existing infrastructure and data streams within the eco-system. For example, many developers, don't need to actually host their own node, because some APIs provide all of the essential tools required to securely interact with the blockchain.

The wheel does not need to be reinvented, and APIs can significantly ease and speed up innovation.

Some are more full fledged than others. The Bitcoin Cash eco-system has quickly caught up and there are many blockchain api tools out there to choose from. We've listed our favourites.



  • API - Blockchair has supported Bitcoin Cash from the beginning, but states that the API is not currently intended for production use. However, it is very handy providing mempool, blocks, blockchain, and transaction specific data.
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  • API - Allows users to query both BTC and BCH blockchains. Providing data on transactions, blocks, and addresses.
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  • Coinbase Commerce API - Allows developers to use web-hooks, integrate with shopify, create pay buttons and much more. A great commerce API with tools for an entire check-out process.
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Also have a look at both for a list of exchange rates.